Faculty-Student Committee on Sexual Misconduct

The Faculty-Student Committee on Sexual Misconduct serves as an advisory group to the University president and provost regarding Princeton's work to prevent sex discrimination and sexual misconduct, assure effective implementation of policies and procedures regarding sex discrimination and sexual misconduct, and support students in compliance with the University's obligations under Title IX.

Co-chaired by Professor of Psychology Nicole Shelton and Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity Michele Minter, the committee identifies and recommends strategies to ensure that students understand their rights under Title IX and the University's related policy and procedures, and understand how to report possible violations of Title IX and/or the policy. The committee also recommends strategies for improving the effectiveness of the University's procedures, support services and resources available to students; offers input regarding programming focused on the prevention of sex discrimination and sexual misconduct, including outreach and educational activities; and provides consultative support for annual climate surveys.  The Committee’s annual recommendations to the University regarding procedures, outreach, and training related to the University’s Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct policy are available below.

Committee Reports

Faculty-Student Committee Recommendations 2018-2019 (.pdf)

Faculty-Student Committee Recommendations 2017-2018 (.pdf)

Faculty-Student Committee Recommendations 2016-2017 (.pdf)

Faculty-Student Committee Recommendations 2015-2016 (.pdf)

Faculty-Student Committee Recommendations 2014-2015 (.pdf)