April 2020

April 3, 2020

What's new, April 2020

  • The newly created CPUC Committee on Sexual Climate, Culture and Conduct (which replaces the Faculty Student Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct) is in the process of identifying student participants and will begin meeting (remotely) in spring 2020.  The Committee will seek input from the community and consider ways to improve campus climate and resources relating to sex discrimination and sexual misconduct.
  • The Working Group on Restorative Practices has submitted its report to Provost Prentice.  The report addresses strategic questions related to restorative practices, as well as creates a set of strategic directions and recommendations for consideration. Training of community members regarding restorative practices will begin this summer or fall.
  • The SHARE Office has issued its first annual Community Report, which provides information regarding its services, staff, intersectional programs, SHARE peer diversity, etc.  In addition, the SHARE Office has been approved to hire an additional clinical staff member.
  • In the summer of 2019, the Office of Gender Equity and Title IX Administration  developed a Sexual Misconduct Investigations website, which includes information regarding adjustments intended to make the investigation process more accessible and clear (for example, information for parties, information for witnesses, information regarding prior penalties, etc.). The website continues to be supplemented; newly posted resource materials include FAQs regarding Retaliation and information relating to sexual misconduct while studying/researching abroad. The Office has also refined its organizational model in order to separate the intake/consultative process from the investigation/adjudication processes.
  • A Working Group is exploring ways to streamline student access to resources related to medical and mental health funding. That group is holding (remote) meetings with students in order to understand their current experience.
  • With respect to travelers, a new Global Safety and Security unit has been created within the Office of the Associate Provost for International Affairs and Operations. The unit will provide additional support for travelers, including expanded educational resources and support for travelers prior to departure, as well as provide crisis response services during their time away from campus.